Rufus Goes to School

Rufus Goes to SchoolIs your child starting school on Monday? Has your child ever asked “Why do I need to go to school?”

I love Rufus Goes to School because it has such a powerful message about why children need to attend school. The book begins with a likable pig character named Rufus Leroy III. He wants to attend school more than anything. He brings a backpack, blanket and lunchbox to convince the principal that he is worthy of attending school. The principal does not allow him to attend school until Rufus tells him that he wants to learn to read his favorite book. This convinces the principal that he is in school for the right reasons. Rufus loves school and most of all learns to read his favorite book. My favorite sentence in the book is the last sentence which states that Rufus loves storytime best of all because it gives him room to dream. As a child and an adult, books still give me the ability to dream. This book is sweet and can be real inspiration for your little one.

Tips: Great to read during mealtime because it is the perfect opportunity to discuss school and your day. Ask your child questions about what they like most about school. Discuss the reasons for attending school and emphasize the importance of reading and writing.

Don’t have the book? Watch the short video here.

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