Rose’s Garden

Rose's GardenRose’s Garden (ages 5 and up) by Peter H. Reynolds is a beautifully written and illustrated story about a girl named Rose who sets off to grow her own garden with seeds that she collects from the around the world. Rose’s Garden is rich with language and has multiple meanings behind the story for both a child and the reader.

The story begins with the character Rose who is an adventurer and a dreamer. She explores the world in her magical teapot. Each place she visits she collects seeds and adds them to her teapot.  With a full teapot of seeds, she finally finds a place to grow a garden in the city she visits. When she returns to her teapot after exploring the city, Rose is upset to find that the birds ate most of her seeds from her giant teapot. She takes her few remaining seeds, plants them and waits. She does everything she needs to do, but nothing seems to grow. One day a child shows up with a paper flower to place in Rose’s garden. More and more children show up with paper flowers until her garden is filled with color. Feeling elated, she discovers that real flowers are beginning to grow in her garden and that she is finally home.

This book has many valuable lessons for both a child and the reader.  To me, it symbolizes life’s journey and that each place we visit and live becomes seeds that help us become who we are. With our life full of experiences, we are finally able to settle down in a place that feels like home. This book shows patience, perseverance and never giving up. Rose’s Garden also shows that working together as a community is extremely important. A beautiful book on many levels!

This book was inspired and dedicated to the late Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy.

It is also a great book for graduation. Check out Peter’s other books, The Dot, Ish, and I’m Here.

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