Robo-Sauce: A Review plus Language Tips!

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Does your child ever wonder what it would be like to be a robot? Robots don’t have to worry about eating their vegetables, going to school or getting a good nights sleep. They are supercomputers that can do anything!

Check out this inventive children’s book, Robo-Sauce by award winning author, Adam Rubin. Robo-Sauce is a children’s book about a boy that turns himself into a robot with a special potion called Robo-Sauce.  The boy drinks one spoonful of Robo-Sauce and nothing happens. Another spoonful and then another! Until, FLASH, BANG, BOOM, he turns into a Robot!


The boy turned robot decides to do the fun and cool stuff that he never got to do when was busy being a human. Activate Robo-Rocket Blast! Activate Robo-Laser Blast! Is being a robot fun? People get so afraid of him that no one wants to play with him. The boy robot gets the opportunity to turn himself back into a human, but decides instead to turn the rest of his family into robots, even his dog. After his family turns into robots, he continues to make everyone into robots, even his friends and then finally the story! The book unexpectedly ends with an activity of the actual book turning into a Robo-Book.

How can the book turn into a Robo-Book? Check out this video and you will be able to not only check out the book but also learn how to turn your own Robo-Sauce book into a Robo-Book!

Helpful Tips






Here are some sample questions and tips that help facilitate language with your child when reading Robo-Sauce:

  • Why does the boy want to be a robot?
  • What can robots do that humans can’t?
  • Can robots live forever? Why?
  • Why does the robot boy want to turn his family into robots?
  • Describe what a robot looks and sounds like.
  • Tell me what happened in the story-practice sequencing and retelling (e.g. first the boy wanted to be a robot, then he make Robo-Sauce, next he turned into a robot and then turned others into a robot. Finally he turned all of his friends and the book into a robot)
  • Would you want to be a robot? Why or why not? (excellent question to stir up some problem solving skills and tap into that imagination!)
  • Target following directions by trying to turn the book into a robot book!
  • Practice phonemic awareness with all of the nonsense words in the book such as “electric boogaloo”.

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