Picture books about Pasta

pasta collage

zolie ravioli Zolie Ravioli is a book about a girl named Zolie Ravioli who loves pasta! This book takes the reader through all different types of pasta including alphabetos, macaroni and cheese, fettuccine and much more. Your child will learn the names and characteristics of these pastas through the authors descriptions such as describing angel hair pasta as heavenly and light. My children enjoyed the book, and it prompted me to show them all different pastas on Google Images. This activity helped build vocabulary. During this exercise, we discussed what each pasta looked like and how they were the same versus being different. Ask your child, “What pasta do you like?”, “Why?”, “Is it short or long?”, etc. Zolie Ravioli also helps build vocabulary by learning new words! To check out the Zolie Ravioli facebook page, click here.

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more spaghetti i say Does your child love spaghetti? Both of my children love it! There have been times that my kids want it for lunch and dinner. This book, More Spaghetti I Say is a wonderful book to encourage reading and language during mealtime. The story is about a monkey that can’t get enough spaghetti. He wants more and more. He even loves it with mustard and marshmallow stuff. Your kids will giggle and be able to read along with this wonderful silly and engaging Scholastic Book. To check out the video of this book before purchasing it, click here.



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streganona Streganona by Tomie dePaola is a classic book by Tomie DePaola about a Streganona “grandma witch” . She makes special potions to help all the people living in her village. She needs help around her house and decides to employ Big Anthony but tellls him to never touch the pasta pot. He is never tempted until he hears Streganona singing one day to the pasta pot. Big Anthony can’t resist it any longer! He recites the magic verse over the pasta pot and has disastrous results! To check out a video of this book before purchasing, click here.


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Need some carryover activities with pasta? Here are some ideas!

1. Eat pasta!

2. Go online and show your child the videos and the different types of pasta.

3. Make a pasta sensory box! I found this great website all about making pasta sensory boxes! Click here.

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