Pete’s A Pizza

Petes-a-PizzaPete’s A Pizza by William Steig (ages 3 and up) is a really silly and interactive book to read during mealtime. On a rainy day, Pete is really disappointed that he can’t go outside with his friends and play. Pete’s dad notices how sad Pete is and decides to “make him into a pizza”. He sets him on the table and pretends to “knead the dough”, “stretches the dough”, “whirls him in the air”, etc. Pete loves this fun and silly routine with his dad and the book ends when the “pizza” is all done and the rain stops just in time for Pete to go outside and play with his friends.

This book is wonderful to read but even more fun to play with your child. This game can be super fun with typical children and can be therapeutic for children with sensory processing difficulties. Many children with sensory processing difficulties benefit greatly from deep input, stretching and getting spun in an organized way. Make sure to check with your occupational therapist regarding how to create the best “pizza” game for your child with special needs.

Don’t have the book? Go to one of my favorite sites, One More Story to read this book online to your child.

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