Penguin in Love

Love is a great adventure!  penguin in loveI never thought that I could love a penguin book more than Penguin and Pinecone until I read Penguin in Love. I bought this book about 3 days ago and have already read it at least 20 times to my kids (they want me to read it to them all of the time!). They love it because it’s such a sweet story and literally melts your heart in the end.

This book written and illustrated by Salina Yoon begins with Penguin looking for his perfect match.  He finds one mitten but can’t find the other mitten.  This leads him to bonding with Boosty, another penguin who is also looking for love. Two puffins decide to “hatch a plan” to get  Penguin and Bootsy together forever because they believe them to be the perfect match for each other.

When I asked my 5 year old daughter what her favorite part was, she said “When Penguin and Bootsy pulled right into each others hearts”.

Carryover Activities: Encourage your child to discuss how Penguin and Bootsy felt when they separated and how they felt when they were together again. Define vocabulary such as “mystery”, “perfect match”, “puffin”, “blizzard”, etc. Encourage conversation, ask “wh” questions and ask your child to retell you the story.

To read my interview with Salina Yoon, click here.



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    […] is a best selling author and illustrator of many wonderful books including Penguin and Pinecone, Penguin in Love and Penguin on Vacation. To read my interview with Salina, click here. To learn more about […]

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