Penguin and Pumpkin

penguin and pumpkinAre you looking for a fun pumpkin book for the upcoming holidays? Penguin and Pumpkin by Salina Yoon is a sweet and engaging story about Penguin and his baby brother Pumpkin. Penguin decides to take a trip to a farm to visit Fall, but his baby brother can’t come along because it is “too far for a fledgling”. Pumpkin is very disappointed! When Penguin finally reaches the farm, he keeps getting reminded of his baby brother with each pumpkin that he looks at. When he returns, he finds that Pumpkin created his own fall adventure! Penguin surprises Pumpkin by bringing back a bag of leaves to celebrate the Fall Season. When reading Penguin and Pumpkin, you are your child can review new vocabulary such as the word “fledgling”, “explorers”, “harvest”, and “Saturn”. Discuss what the word “imagination” means to you and ask your child how they use their imagination about what they want to do with their pumpkin. The story also contains tons of descriptor words including “smooth”, “bumpy”, “long” and “curved”. The illustrations are bright and engaging which will keep your child attending to the story.

Carryover Activities: Ask your child to describe their pumpkin. Is it small or large? Bumpy or smooth? Encourage your child to retell you the story to practice sequencing and recalling information. Work on teaching your child the four seasons and what they like best about each season.

Salina’s other treasured stories include Penguin and Pinecone, Penguin in Love and Found. To see my interview with Salina, click here.

penguin and pumpkin book

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