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Do you have a child with ADHD? How about a student with ADHD? I want to share some valuable resources for children with ADHD written by Jim Forgan, PhD, author of the Terrific Teddy Series and Mary Anne Richey, M.Ed. Jim Forgan, PhD is a school psychologist who works with children with varying disabilities, but more specifically those with ADHD and executive functioning difficulties. For more information on Jim Forgan PhD, check out my interview with him here. Mary Anne Richey, M.Ed. is a Licensed School Psychologist who has her own private practice. She has experience working in a public school district as a psychologist, middle school teacher, administrator, high school guidance counselor, and adjunct college instructor. Mary Anne has assisted many students with ADHD and their families over the years.

impulsive forganThe Impulsive Disorganized Child Solutions for Parenting Kids with Executive Functioning Difficulties by Jim Forgan, PhD and Mary Anne Richey is a comprehensive resource for parents and teachers with practical solutions to help a child with ADHD who struggle with executive functioning difficulties. The chapters include information with tips  for parents and teachers on holding back impulses, keeping information in working memory, being flexible and learning to self monitor and tips on how to take action and help your child manage time. What is executive functioning? According to Forgan and Richey (2015), “Executive function includes a person’s ability to: focus, decide what is important, set goals, use prior knowledge, initiate action, manage time, self-monitor performance, use self-restraint and remain flexible“. The next question you might ask, is “At what age should these skills be developed?” These abilities develop over time and are not fully matured until young adulthood. However, a significant dysfunction in this area can cause an impact on both academic and home life. This resource takes the reader through the steps in how to help your child or student develop better strategies in improving these skills and learning how to self monitor them. I also found that the way the authors address different strategies to varying age groups was functional and practical. The book includes an appendix of resources from Technical Assistance Center on Social Emotional Intervention. To access these papers, “Making Life Easier”, click here.

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focus dadDo you have five minutes? If so, learn about ADHD with Focus Dad! Succeeding in Raising a Child with ADHD by Jim Forgan, PhD and Mary Anne Richey, M.Ed is an interesting resource because it was written to be more of a conversation than an extensive resource with lengthy information that can take a significant amount of time to complete. Why is this important? Many of us do not want to take the time to read lengthy books and articles because it can be overwhelming and stressful or we simply don’t have the time or patience. For some interesting data on our reduced ability to focus on lengthy articles and include, click here. This resource, Focus Dad! Succeeding in Raising a Child with ADHD “cuts to the chase” and provides the essential information needed for fathers such as quick facts about ADHD, a Dad’s to do list, the difference between a son and a daughters ADHD, treating ADHD and being more successful in parenting with an environment that can be chaotic at times. The authors also give tips on creating independence and discussing ADHD in teenagers which obviously presents in different ways than a younger child with ADHD. Each chapter includes a Short List which has “Your Takeaway”, “Try this” and “Think About”. This resource can be a valuable and functional resource for fathers whose children are diagnosed with ADHD.

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