Pancakes for Breakfast

pancakes for breakfastPancakes for Breakfast (4-7 years old) by Tomie dePaola is one of favorite children’s books of all time.  This book has been published for more than 30 years and is timeless. Pancakes for Breakfast is a wordless book about an old woman who is determined to make pancakes even with the challenges of not having all of the ingredients on hand. She milks the cow, gets eggs from the chickens and buys maple syrup from a neighbor to obtain all of the ingredients she needs. At the end of the book, she comes home to an unexpected surprise when she returns from buying the maple syrup. What I love about this book is that a child can learn so much from the illustrations. Since there are no words, it is up to the child and adult to create the story. It is an excellent book to work on sequencing, expanding vocabulary, following directions, problem solving and much more. It also teaches that you should keep trying no matter what the challenges may be. After reading this book, make a batch of pancakes with your little one!


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