Waffles and Pancakes

waffles and pancakesWaffles and Pancakes (ages 4 and up) by Cindy Springsteen is wonderful book to teach your children a very important lesson about material possessions. This book is about two hamsters named Pancakes and Waffles. They are bought the same day from the pet store by two different owners, Griffin and Danny. Pancakes has a well equipped home with lots of tunnels, toys and material possessions. However, his owner barely plays with him and he’s lonely. Waffles has a sparse home but plays with his owner and gets lots of love. The story discusses how it’s not the material items that make us happy, it’s the people in our lives who make us happy.  I think the most important thing to learn from this story is the very important lesson that it discusses. The story is well illustrated and simply written, which makes it appropriate for young children to understand.

Interview with Cindy Springsteen coming soon!


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