Over-Scheduled Andrew

andrewIs your child over-scheduled? I picked up Over-Scheduled Andrew by Ashley Spires at my local library. I am a big fan of Ashley’s books. Check out my review of The Most Magnificent Thing here.

Andrew loved putting on plays and decided to join the drama club so he could perform on a real stage. He loved drama club and was excited to be a part of something that he was not only talented at but also excited about. To help with his public speaking during drama club, he decided to join the debate them which he also excelled at. When he won awards at the debate team, he was asked to join the chess team. During play rehearsals for drama club, Andrew had trouble keeping up with the dance routines so signed himself up for ballet and karate class to improve his coordination. Andrew was very busy and was in an activity from morning till night. He was exhausted! Did he decide to join more clubs? Of course he did! He still had time for tennis club and of course learning the bag pipes because his Grandma insisted. His other activities included newspaper editor and singing lessons. Andrew was not only tired and had no time to play, he was getting all mixed up! His tone was flat during singing, backhanded during chess and honked his way through tennis. During the day of the big performance, Andrew missed his cue because he was sleeping and missed the whole play. This was his wake up call to make some changes. He decided to quit most of his activities but kept drama club because that is what he loved most of all. Now he had time to play with his Edie and just be a kid again.

I loved Over-Scheduled Andrew because it can teach many valuable lesson. Andrew reminded me of myself because I tend to take too much on and then get overwhelmed. When adults or children take too much on, the activities and tasks that we want to focus on get compromised. What happens when kids get over-scheduled? Not only is it exhausting for a child but also for the parent who is driving from one place to another. If your child is missing sleep, not able to do their homework or having no down time during the day, your child may be over-scheduled. In this book, Andrew initiated these activities by himself and then realized at the end of the story what he had done to himself. The importance of children having down time and being able to relax and enjoy their free time is sometimes lost in today’s world. As parents, we need to help our children make good decisions about having too many commitments and what happens as a result. Additionally, with so many activities, there are no time for play dates or bonding time with your kids which are very valuable as well.

questionsDiscussion Questions:

Why did Andrew join so many clubs?

How did Andrew feel when he was so busy?

What did Andrew like doing best in the story?

What happened with Andrew’s time with his best friend Edie when he joined too many activities?

How did Andrew feel when he was doing too many activities?

How did Andrew feel at the end of the story when he only had a couple of activities after school?

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