One Lonely Sea Horse

  “One Lonely Sea Horse”  by Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers (ages 3 and up) is a beautiful story about a sea horse named Bea. She is very sad that she doesn’t have any friends in the sea. This book takes you through a journey in the sea where she makes underwater friends as each page turns.  It can easily be overlooked by a child that all of the underwater friends including Bea are fruits and vegetables because the book is so captivating. What I loved about this book was not only the story but the absolutely beautiful photography and illustration. This book is characterized as a “counting book”. However, it has many other language concepts that can be worked on in addition to counting. These language concepts include expanding vocabulary of a variety fruits and vegetables, problem solving (e.g. “Can you guess what the crabs are?”), feelings (discuss what lonely is, sad and happy), answering “wh” questions (“Why is Bea sad?”, “Where is Bea going?”), phonemic awareness (the book rhymes which helps with phonemic awareness), descriptive/adjectives (e.g. “round”, “big”), pragmatics (e.g. discuss why its important to make friends and your child’s reaction to how the others treated Bea), and actions (“leap”, “dive”).  Have a follow up activity with using one of the fruits and vegetables in the story with dinner. You can even get creative in dressing up your fruit or vegetable!

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