Nothing Like A Puffin

nothing like a puffinThere is nothing like a Puffin! A puffin is a unique and amazing little creature. Is a newspaper like a Puffin? Is a ladder like a Puffin? How about jeans? Nothing Like a Puffin (4-6 years old)  takes you through the similarities between a Puffin and various objects. At the end of the book, the author reviews the difference between a puffin and a penguin. This silly and playful book teaches your little ones about Puffins and also about the concept of similarities and differences which encourages turn taking and interaction.

After reading this book to my kids, they knew so much about a Puffin. They were also able to answer questions about the characteristics of a Puffin and what made them similar and different from a penguin.

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This book is perfect to read before visiting the aquarium!


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