When I first saw Chopsticks by Amy Krause Rosenthal (ages 4 and up),  I was so excited to read it to my daughter because she loves chopsticks. She finds them very fascinating and fancy. She always wants to try them out when I am eating sushi for dinner. This book is about a pair of chopsticks who feel they can’t function on their own until one chopstick gets hurt and the other chopstick must venture out on its own. The chopsticks both realize that they can do many things separately and apart. Its a wonderful life lesson in being independent and learning new things on your own. It has many funny silly puns in the book that flow perfectly when reading it to your child. It also incorporates new vocabulary (e.g. “whisk”),and problem solving (e.g. asking your child “What would you do if you got hurt?” after the chopstick gets hurt in the book). I also love the facial expressions of the various characters in the book. My daughter loves this book so much she has slept with it the past four nights!

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