My Pillow Keeps Moving!

When I received this book in the mail from Penguin, my kids were immediately drawn to the story and asked me to read it again and again.

My Pillow Keeps Moving! is a silly and entertaining story that both children and adults can enjoy together. Laura Gehl and Christopher Weyant create a story that can be read over and over again. With each repeated reading of this book, you and your child can look for different details that you might not have seen the first time or second time reading it.

What does a lonely homeowner need? Friends, of course! The main character goes searching one day for a pillow at a local pillow store and comes out with a friend! However, he doesn’t realize that his pillow is actually a dog! This happens again when looking for a foot stool, jacket and then again a perfect hat. My Pillow Keeps Moving! teaches children that sometimes when we go looking for one thing, we may come out with something totally different and unexpected. Those unexpected occurrences can sometimes be the best surprises!

I love this story because it contains a lot of nonverbal communication between the characters and more complex social cues that aren’t normally picked up by younger children or children with social skills delays and deficits.

For example, in this picture below, how do the dog and cat feel? I would say scared, cold and lonely! How about the next picture? I think he is feeling confused and possibly inquisitive. What do you think the man is wondering as he is laying in bed with the dog as his pillow? For example, the man and animal’s facial expressions help reveal their feelings. In the end, the dog, cat and homeowner become one big happy family!






What speech and language goals can you target with this book? As you are reading the book, point out the different characters and discuss how they are feeling. How do you know? Discuss the different events in the book and model “beginning, middle and end”. What happens in the beginning of the story? How does the story end?” I love this book because it contains so many opportunities for language and learning with the interesting illustrations and funny story line. To improve literacy, point out specific words in the pictures and read them to your child. This can help improve a child’s ability to be more aware of the text.




My Pillow Keeps Moving

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