My Magical Unicorn

My Magical Unicorn

When this book arrived at my door for review, I immediately loved the colorful illustrations and magic of this book. I am a big fan of bright and engaging colors and love how The Magical Unicorn immediately catches the eye of a young child.

What’s more magical than a unicorn?

This is a tough question! For young children, the idea of a unicorn is magical in itself. For a child who loves unicorns, this book is perfect! As you read this book to your child, allow them to engage with all of the interactive features of this sturdy board book by pulling the tabs, moving the rainbow and seeing the expression of the fairy transform!

Vocabulary Expansion

As you are reading this book, work on expanding vocabulary with some new words! As you read the text, define key words such as mane, chase, sparkle, crease and torn. To help your child carry over these words, use them in sentences in other contexts. For example, tell your child how they eyes sparkle when they are excited. When you run after your child in a game of tag, use the word “chase”. When reading this book, ask your child, “What does magical mean?” Each person has a different definition of what is magical to them! 

My Magical Unicorn (My Magical Friends)

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