My Friend with Autism

my friend with autismMy Friend with Autism by Beverly Bishop is a wonderful book to help raise awareness of autism. This book is an excellent tool to teach your children about what autism is, including the strengths and challenges. The illustrations and language in the book are simple enough for an older preschool child and/or kindergartener to understand.  However, the book is more ideal to read to an elementary school class during library or snack time to help children understand how to interact with a child with autism. This book can be very helpful and educational whether you have a child in the family with autism or your child is in a class with a child with autism. In most public schools, classrooms will have children with special needs. I think it is our job as parents to help our children understand what special needs are, understand them and respect them. The book discusses how children with autism can be really good with math and letters but has challenges talking and sharing with others. My Friend with Autism also discusses how to teach a child with autism how to share and play with others. My favorite part of the book is the end where the author states that a child with autism likes to have friends like everybody else. The book comes with a supplementary section including signs and symptoms of autism, strategies, and recommended readings. A great resource!

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