What is your child’s favorite letter? Can this letter be manipulated to look like another letter? Image your child’s letter became a character!

Mouse by Zebo Ludvicek is an interesting and inventive book about the letter M and his mouse friend. Mouse is intended for a younger audience but children who are school aged can appreciate the unique illustrations and interesting twist on this story. The book begins with the start of a friendship between the likable character Mouse and the letter M. With each turn of the page, the author and illustrator, Zebo Ludvicek combines her illustrations of different letters with the text in a unique way. Children love this book because of the way that the letter M moves around into different positions and then becomes it’s own character. The book also introduces expanded vocabulary that may be unfamiliar to a young listener such as marvelous, magical, nibble, nod, lopsided and caring. As you read this book to your child, use print referencing skills to point out the different words on each page and the various expressions of the Mouse character. This book is not just about creative literacy, it’s a book about the sweet friendship between two characters.

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