Milk Goes to School

milk goes to schoolMilk Goes to School is a clever and engaging story about Milk’s adventures on her first day of school. With the author’s clever puns and valuable lesson about treating others, Milk Goes to School is an excellent read at school and in the home environment.

Milk was off to her first day of school and she was scared. What was going to happen? Who was she going to meet? She felt more confident when she was told by her father that she was “la creme de la creme”. During her first day of school, Milk comes across various personalities including some difficult characters (such as Waffle) and sweet characters (Cupcake). Throughout most of the story, Milk is ridiculed by Waffle for being “spoiled” which hurts her feelings and makes her want to be home. She also feels that the other students don’t like her and begins to feel less confident. Milk tries to ignore Waffle, talk back to Waffle but nothing seems to work until she uses humor to lighten up the situation with all of her classmates.

I enjoyed this book because of its valuable lesson about treating others. The interesting and engaging photographs makes the child want to hear this story over and over again. In school, we can’t choose our class and have to deal with a variety of personalities whether we like it or not. For our children, they have to learn how to cope with these differences and begin to embrace and learn from them.

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Carryover Activities: Discuss the relationship between Milk and Waffle. What does spoiled mean? How did Milk feel when Waffle called her spoiled? Discuss multiple meanings of words and phrases such as “being a rotten egg”, “la creme de la creme”, “cutting the cheese”, “don’t cry over spilled milk”, etc. Use them in a sentence that is related to your child so that they understand the meaning better.

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