Max and Marla

max and marla largeWhat does the word Olympian mean for your child? An amazing athlete? Someone who reaches for the stars? Max and Marla by Alexandra Boiger is about a boy named Max and his best owl friend, Marla. Max and Marla love to go on great adventures together but always seem to have some sort of obstacle. When sledding, their sled gets broken and needs repair. When they finally fix their sled, they fall down the hill. What do they do? Get upset? Give up? No, they just go take a rest and then start up again the next morning.

For us as adults, an Olympian is someone who is an elite athlete that participates in the Olympic games.  As a parent, I feel that it is important to teach our children to enjoy the ride and work through various challenges that you might encounter in each sport.

Max and Marla is not only an excellent story about friendship and never giving it, it is also about seeing the joys in a mistake. Max and Marla is appropriate for a variety of ages including younger child and early elementary school children.

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Multi-Ethnic Group Of People's Arms Raised Holding Letters ThatDuring book reading time, ask simple “wh” questions, encourage comments and discuss the warm and loving relationship between Max and Marla. Help expand your child’s vocabulary with these target words that your child might or might not know:

recover        tend            improvement

fearless      equipment         obstacle

Olympian       wax            victory

preparation     technical  difficulty

What is the best way to help expand your child’s vocabulary? Ask your child “What does _____ mean?” If they don’t know, try using it in a sentence. For my son, I said “When you were at the doctor, you were fearless (he wasn’t scared)”. He was able to understand right away what that particular word meant because I personalized it to him.

Still not sure if you want to check out this book? Watch this trailer!

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