Manners at the Table

manners at the tableDo you ever get frustrated with your child’s manners at the table? Manners at the Table (ages 5 and up) may be a good book for you!  This colorful and simple book explains how to practice good manners at the table such as being polite, staying seated during the meal, washing hands before your meal and taking smaller bites versus big bites. With its repetitive lines, attractive illustration, and simple to the point content, this book is super easy to read during snack time or mealtime. It also has some cute fun facts in the back about other cultures and mealtime (like how burping is a sign of enjoying the meal in other countries). This can be a wonderful book to open up a conversation about what your child thinks are good manners at the table. The next time your child says “Can I please have some more milk?”, you can say “Sure, thank you for using some good manners”. These skills may not feel significantly important at your own table but can be very useful when eating out at a restaurant or with other guests at your house. I also think that teaching your child good manners is teaching them to respect you and the other people they are eating with.

Tip: You can motivate your child to practice good manners by giving them a special treat after dinner.

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