Mama Zooms

mama zoomsDo you want to teach your child about people with disabilities? This book is about a boy’s adventure with his mother who has a physical disability. In her wheelchair, they can conquer space, zoom through tunnels, drive like race car drivers and much more. I love using mealtime as a perfect opportunity to discuss various topics, including  people with  physical and/or intellectual disabilities. I work with children and adults with disabilities and want to raise my own children to view them as no different than anyone else. At the end of the book, the boy loves his mama just the way she is. Ask “wh” questions, work on expanding vocabulary (e.g. wheelchair, zoom, etc) and encourage conversation about this book. Ask your child, “What do you love most about Mommy?” and tell your child what you love most about them. Take your own child for a little ride in your arms and “zoom off into space” 🙂

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