Make a Meal Sticker Pad

I found Make a Meal Sticker Pad (ages 3 and up) by Melissa and Doug the other day at the pharmacy and immediately bought it. This toy is very versatile because it is gender friendly and can be used with a variety of ages.  When using this sticker pad, I had each of my children pick a place mat that they wanted (work on colors and patterns). Then I had them choose which foods they wanted on their plate. With this activity, we worked on food groups (e.g. “show me the fruit”), categorization, answering “wh” questions, colors, size, taste (e.g. show me all of the foods that are sweet), and learning what foods goes with what meal (chicken for lunch or dinner, pancakes for breakfast). You can also work on teaching your child what foods are healthy and why (“tell me which foods on your plate are healthy). Teach portion size with this activity as well as how to set a table properly. Use the place mat as a guide and have your child set the table on top of the place mat. They can turn into your little helpers. Have your older child write the name of the food on the sticker to work on literacy skills. This toy has endless language and educational goals!


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