Louder, Lili

louder liliI recently found Louder, Lili at my local library. After reading this book several times to my children during mealtime, I really wanted to share it on my blog because I think it has a very important message. Being a bit of doormat myself when I was growing up, I found this book to be very helpful for anyone who is shy and has trouble speaking up for themselves. It can also be helpful for those children suffering with social anxiety disorder. No parent wants to see their child taken advantage of like Lili, so its important to discuss ways to help them in situations such as school.

Since Lili was very quiet in class, she was taken advantage of by her classmate. When the classroom pet was in danger of being hurt, she finally spoke up for herself and as a result gained a new friendship with another classmate. Mealtime is a wonderful opportunity to discuss what “shy” means and if your child ever feels shy or has a classmate that is very quiet. Louder, Lili can open up a very meaningful conversation with your children. Since Louder, Lili is not being published anymore, look for this book at your local library or buy it used online.

Carryover Activity: If your child is very shy such as Lili, role play some situations that they may feel most vulnerable and practice having them stand up for themselves (e.g. giving them the appropriately vocabulary and words as well as the strategies, such as going to their teacher).

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