Little Justice Leaders

Do you want to empower your daughter to be a leader? How about teaching both boys and girls the power of standing up for your rights and equality?

Little Justice Leaders caught my attention on Instagram a couple of months ago because I immediately connected with the mission of this company.

What is Little Justice Leaders? Little Justice Leaders is a company that is committed to educating children about social justice through a monthly subscription service. When my September box arrived from Little Justice Leaders, I was impressed with the overall packaging of the products and the variety of educational materials. The following was included in the box that I received: a children’s book (which differs each month), Brave Ladies coloring book, coloring pages, crayons, a welcome letter, discussion cards, collector cards, and a beautiful jewelry kit to make the necklace pictured to the left.

The Tips For Parents card included easy to use tips that parents can easily implement. Want to learn more about social justice? Check out Little Justice Leaders recommended books for children and parents. There is also a card about Understanding Terms, Book Discussion Questions and Action Steps.

In addition to teaching your children about social justice, Little Justice Leaders makes a donation to a non-profit working in the area of the social justice issue addressed in the package that month, so you and your child can feel good about giving back. In this box for September, Little Justice Leaders donated money towards 1girl, a non profit organization that focuses on empowering young women by providing them leadership skills training.

Do you want to learn more about the featured book this month, Women Who March? See my review and interview here. 

Language and Learning Tips

Little Justice Leaders makes it easy to implement language and learning tips into their subscription service! With the help of the cards included, you can be engage your child in a multi-sensory project with some valuable lessons. As you open the package with your child, review all of the different components. I think starting with the children’s book and familiarizing your child with specific terms is an effective approach into a discussion about women’s rights. Don’t try to do all of the activities in one day! Focus on an activity each day of the week, which can help carryover some of the concepts discussed. 

Are you looking for more read aloud tips for your child that can help improve literacy and language? Check out my ebook here.

Are you interested in getting a subscription?

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