Whole Body Listening Larry at School

Whole-Body-Listening-Larry-at-schoolDo you have a child who has difficulty following directions and listening? Whole Body Listening Larry at School is an excellent book to teach the concept “whole body listening” and following directions within the school setting. The story begins with two new students attending school named Luka and Leah. Luka and Leah have trouble listening and following along with the class schedule, social cues, etc. Larry helps them by teaching them how to listen with “their whole body”. This book which is written by two speech language pathologists, Elizabeth Sautter and Kristen Wilson,  is well illustrated and  helps explain specific concepts that can be complicated to discuss with your child. Pair this book with Listening Larry at Home. This book comes with excellent carryover exercises, resources,  and visuals in the back of the book. Perfect for back to school!


  1. […]  am thrilled to present Elizabeth Sautter, co author of Whole Body Listening Larry at School and Whole Body Listening Larry at Home. Elizabeth is a speech language pathologist who is also […]

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