Ladybug Girl Super Fun Edition plus Language Tips!

ladybug girl cover tableAre you looking for a book that can help empower your daughter? Check out the Ladybug Girl Series. This Ladybug Girl Super Fun Edition by David Soman and Jacky Davis not only includes the story but also carryover activities including a paper doll activity, 30 reusable stickers, and a poster that help bring the story life.

I found the Ladybug Girl series a couple of years ago because of my immediate connection with the basset hound in the story. Being a basset hound owner at the time, Ladybug Girl and her dog reminded me of my own daughter and basset hound, Maple. With my basset hound passing away a couple of months ago, reviewing this book brings back good memories of the sweet and funny nature of my basset hound, Maple. I also love books that empower girls to be strong, powerful and connected to nature. This book combines the two which makes it a special find.

Ladybug Girl is about a young girl named Lulu who finds herself with the whole day in front her her and nothing to do! Her brother won’t play with her because he tells her that “she is too little”. She tries to find activities to play inside but nothing interests her until she goes on an adventure with her dog, Bingo. Ladybug Girl notices things outside that she never saw before, like a stone wall that can be a fort and a tree trunk that looks like it’s made out of snakes. In one scene, Ladybug Girl discovers a line of ants under a rock. She saves the ants by moving the rock for them. She says “I can help you! I’m Ladybug Girl!” When a gust of wind comes and the leaves fly up in the air, Ladybug Girl catches them in mid air. Ladybug Girl is not little!

ladybug girl fun edition paper dolls

This book incorporates a variety of concepts that I appreciate and love for young children, specifically young girls. When I read the book, I think of the idea of mindfulness. Lulu takes an adventure in her backyard and notices wildlife that she never noticed before. From my perspective, our children seem constantly busy. When they aren’t busy with after school activities and homework, they have electronics. This causes them to have not ample time to explore and use their imagination to create the unimaginable. Ladybug Girl took a typical afternoon that she felt bored and went on an unforgettable adventure with Bingo.

Language TipsMulti-Ethnic Group Of People's Arms Raised Holding Letters That

  1. Focus on expanding vocabulary such as words like “dew”, etc
  2. Ask wh questions such as “How does Lulu feel when her brother tells her she is “too little”?
  3. Encourage commenting! Model language such as “Lulu is pretending the stone wall is a fort”.
  4. Encourage sequencing! Ask your child to retell you the story. For example, “First Lulu was bored and couldn’t find anthing to do. Then she went outside with Bingo”
  5. Target emotions. Ladybug girl has a lot of emotions in the story including being sad, bored, excited and exhilitrated. Ask your child how it would make them feel to be a  super hero? How about when someone calls them “little” and tells them they don’t want to with him or her?

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