Ladybug Girl: Favorites for the Fall

ladybug girl favorites

Are you looking for some good Fall favorites to read to your young children? Check out these two favorites of mine by David Soman and Jacky Davis….To learn more about Ladybug Girl visit their website here.

ladybug girl dress upLadybug Girl and the Dress Up Dilemma is a perfect book for this upcoming Halloween. What does Ladybug Girl want to be for Halloween? Her brother tells her “You are always Ladybug Girl! You should be something different on Halloween.” Ladybug Girl agrees and tries various costumes including a robot, movie star, octopus, alien and a wallaby. None of the costumes feel right for her. The day of Halloween, Lulu and her family visit a corn maze. When Lulu and Bingo are walking through the corn maze, they hear a young girl behind them who is lost and needs their help. Who can help her? Ladybug Girl! Ladybug Girl and Bingo come to the girl’s rescue and realizes that it’s Ladybug Girl she wants to be for Halloween. Lulu learns that she can’t hide from who she is and wants to be.

I enjoyed this book because it reinforces the idea of accepting yourself for who you are. We all can go through life and “try on different costumes” but in the end, we must know who we are and be proud of that in order to achieve happiness and peace in our lives.


ladybug girl best playdateLadybug Girl and the Best Ever Playdate is a story about Lulu and a playdate with her friend Finny. When Finny comes over, she brings over her favorite toy, a Rolly-Roo. Lulu is so excited, she can’t help herself to only wanting to play with Rolly-Roo instead of her friend, Finny. When Finny tries to think of other activities to play, Lulu only wants to play with Rolly-Roo. Finally Rolly-Roo breaks and her friend Finny says “You only wanted to play with Rolly. Not with me.” Lulu is surprised and tells her how much she loves playing with her. They decide to bond together to fix Rolly-Roo together as a team. The team is super special because it’s not just Lulu and Finny, it’s the team of the Grasshopper Girl and Ladybug Girl!

I appreciated the lesson of this book because it helps teach a child the value of time spent with a friend. Lulu doesn’t realize that she is not paying attention to Finny until she is told so. This shows how good communication between friends can be helpful and resolve conflict. It also shows working as a team can help build friendships and lasting bonds between friends.



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