Josh’s Smiley Faces

josh smiley facesJosh’s Smiley Faces, A Story about Anger  by Gina Ditta-Donahue is an ideal book to read to a child that is experiencing frequent temper tantrums due to anger. Read this book during a relaxing time, such as mealtime.

The book is about a little boy named Josh who gets angry often. He gets angry when his brother wants to play with his toy, when a toy doesn’t work properly and gets especially mad at his mom for putting him in time out. During one instance, Josh gets so angry he takes all of the clothes out of his dresser. The book discusses a method that reinforces a child for discussing with a grown up why they are angry. It also gives some realistic functional strategies to try at home (e.g. putting toys in the time out box when thrown).

I really like this book because it teaches the importance of a child discussing your feelings, especially anger. In my experience, sometimes half the battle is understanding why your child is angry. For a child with special needs, they may be angry due to low frustration tolerance, communication breakdowns, inadequate attention span, etc. It takes time to break down why they are angry and then work through how they can calm down and work through it. Great information in the back!

I like using this book in conjunction with When My Worries Get Too Big.

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