Jake Starts School

jake starts schoolHas your child ever attached themselves to your leg and it felt impossible to remove them? Jake Starts School by Michael Wright is a funny and sweet tale of a boy named Jake who is anxious about leaving his parents to start school. He is so anxious he actually clings to his parents so tight they can’t pry him off! He can’t do anything in school because he is literally attached to his parents. He can’t have fun in the playground, participate in art or make friends with other classmates. When his teacher Mrs. Moore decides to read a book about a dog named Fred, Jake finally lets go of his parents to help her read the book to the class. This book’s illustrations bring the story to life which will help keep your child engaged in the story. I also like how the book brings humor to a situation that can be stressful to both children and parents.

My son just started kindergarten and has asked to read this book over and over again. He especially loves the part with the map of the family driving from their home to school. As a carryover activity, you can draw out of a map of where your child’s school is in relation to your home. If your child is taking the bus for the first time, draw how the bus might get to the school every day and landmarks they might pass along the way.

For fun worksheets and activities, visit Michael’s website here.

Michael also wrote several other books, including Jake Goes Peanuts. See my review here. To check out my interview with Michael Wright, click here.

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