It’s Haircut Time

haircut timeDo you have a child with sensory issues? If you do, you may understand the challenge of getting your child a haircut. For many children with sensory issues, haircuts can be difficult and extremely uncomfortable. It’s Haircut Time written by Michele Griffin is about a young boy who overcomes his fear of haircuts. The little boy describes the discomfort of getting wet, feeling like his nose is tickling, feeling the discomfort of the comb and the cold slippery cape. He uses different strategies to work though the discomfort such as thinking about a big chocolate bar for himself and staying up late watching a movie till the end. This engaging and well illustrated book explains the challenges of getting a haircut from the perspective of a child with a sensory processing disorder. Any child will enjoy this book with his rhyming text and engaging story but a child with a sensory processing disorder will really appreciate this book.  A great book for reading before visiting the hair salon!

I think this book is a wonderful book for parents as well. Looking at experiences from their perspective can be extremely beneficial in many ways. We need to try to understand what our children go through on a daily basis, and with this perspective, we can make a difference.

Check out Michele’s other book, Picky Picky Pete.

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