Meet Michael Wright, Author of “Jake Goes Peanuts”

Michael Wright is one of my favorite children book authors. He is humorous, witty and very artistic. When I came across “Jake Goes Peanuts” I immediately brought it home to read to my children. See my post here.  His other books are equally humorous and engaging. When reading “Jake Starts School”, I started laughing out loud (which I rarely do).  I contacted Michael with some questions that I thought my readers would find useful and interesting.  Thanks Michael!

1. What was your inspiration in writing “Jake Goes Peanuts?”

I suppose the inspiration for “Jake Goes Peanuts” was trying to figure out a way to get my own son interested in other foods besides peanut butter. As a frustrated parent, it turns out I wasn’t alone, I get mail from lots of moms and dads and kids who really appreciate the book. I guess I want them to be as adventurous as possible when eating. I know it’s difficult for lots of kids, when I was small I wouldn’t even trust a bologna sandwich unless it was made by my mom. I was even worse than Jake I think.

2. “Jake Goes Peanuts” sends a meaningful message to children about trying and eating a variety of new foods. What do you want children to learn most from your book?

What I’d really like kids most to learn from the book is that it’s good to get past doing the same thing day after day… That can mean a lot more than just food. Be as bold as you can allow yourself to be and the world will keep offering you more every day.

3. What was your favorite book as a child?

That’s easy, “The Story of Ferdinand”. If you’ve never read it, it’s about an enormous bull that spends his time peacefully enjoying his pasture. One day he gets hauled off to a bull ring to fight, which is not at all what he’s inclined to do. The message I got out of it was that real strength has more to do more with character than size. Plus the simple, spare illustrations are beautifully rendered. I also love the early “Curious George” books and “A Duck Named Ping”.

4.  What were your most favorite and least favorite foods as a child?

I was a terrible eater. Hated all vegetables. Usually tried to stuff them down my pants pockets at dinner when my parents weren’t looking. I gradually learned to like a lot more foods, but still can’t stomach cauliflower or squash. Revolting. Broccoli is growing on me… Not literally, I just like it more. I suppose you can always grow up.

Michael Wright is an author and illustrator of the following books: Jake Goes Peanuts, Jake Starts School and Jake Stays Awake.


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