Improve Your Child’s Language and Learning in 20 Minutes

Do you want to improve your child’s language and learning in 20 minutes? Since beginning my website in 2012, I have become passionate about learning different literacy strategies to improve read alouds with my children. These skills have also helped me as a speech language pathologist and children’s book author. This eBook that I wrote is a combination of evidence based tips that any parent can use at home! Each chapter highlights a different research article with various tips for parents that can used right away. The book also includes a parent glossary and additional information for parents on reading aloud during mealtime.

Improve Your Child’s Language and Learning in 20 minutes includes the following chapters:
1. How to Motivate Your Child to Read
2. When Should You Start Reading to your Child?
3. What are the best books to read to babies and toddlers?
4. Read with Expression
5. How to Help a Child Retell a Story
6. Different Types of Reading Strategies, What is the best?
7. The Importance of Repeated Readings
8. Using Gestures to Build Vocabulary
9. How to Build Vocabulary During Story time
10. Reading to your Older Child
11. Language Learning in the Home


Thank you to Nancy Day for editing the book, Goran (around86) on Fiverr for doing a beautiful job on the cover and trailer and to Okson 70 at Dreamstime for the stock photo that was used for the cover. 

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