I’m Scared

I’m Scared by Jennifer L Holm and Matthew Holm is the newest book in the inventive series My First Comics. Chilly is a scared and fearful snowflake. He is scared of many things including the dark and sometimes he is scared for no reason at all! One day he sees Tizzy Tornado and Grumpy Cloud playing on the swing set. He desperately wants to play with them but he is so scared! The swing looks like so much fun but how will he overcome his fear? He finally decides to be brave and join his friends on the swing set. Soon enough, he is laughing with his friends and having the time of his life!

I love the My First Comics series because it helps young children visually follow along with the story with the engaging and animating pictures and bold text. The character, Chilly goes through various emotions throughout the book, but is mostly scared. Do you have a child that is fearful or nervous? This can be a great book to start a conversation about Chilly’s feeling of being scared and how he overcame them. The other characters also introduce other emotions that can begin a discussion about “What does grumpy mean?”, “How do you think Tizzy Tornado feels?” “How can you tell?” This book can a child interpret facial expressions and body language from the character to learn their emotions (e.g. shrug, gulp, shake, etc.). For many children with special needs, specifically those with Autism have a difficult time interpreting social cues and recognizing different facial expressions with regard to emotions. This book can help improve those skills given the appropriate facilitation from a parent or educator. Additional goals that can be worked on with this book is sequencing, expanding vocabulary recalling information and improving literacy.

Use the visual below to discuss the different feelings in the story:

Visual Support Board for I’m Scared

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I’m Scared (My First Comics)

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