I Never Forget a Face Memory Game

 I bought “I Never Forget a Face Memory Game” by Feboo the other day and  love it. This game is created for a child 36 months to 10 years old. My daughter and I played this game at the kitchen table when having breakfast. It a great tabletop game that can be played during a light meal or snack time. “I Never Forget a Face” is an excellent game to introduce and discuss people from all different countries and cultural backgrounds with your little one. It is also a great opportunity to talk about the various features of the different children (e.g. hair, face, clothing) and how they are the same as well as different. We talked about a variety of topics with this game (e.g. why certain children are wearing certain accessories and clothing, what a country is, where we live, etc). Language concepts include: discussing similarities and differences (e.g. hair color, accessories, hair, etc), literacy (looking at the back of the game and showing your child the name of the country), memory (object of the game), face recognition, matching, turn taking, describing, commenting, following directives, and many more. Have fun with this educational and interesting game!

Carryover Activity

Take your child on an adventure with Google Maps.  Take turns choosing a child from each country. Type in the country and show your child various countries around the world. Go to France and show your child the Eiffel Tower. Go to Vietnam and show your child some cities there. Show them where you live and the difference between a state and a country (depending on the age of your child). What an experience to be able to do this with your iPad or other electronic device. They will enjoy the ride!

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