I (HEART) Art By the Metropolitan Museum of Art

I (Heart) Art by The Metropolitan Museum of Art

I received this beautiful book, I (HEART) Art By the Metropolitan Museum of Art from Abrams Books a couple of weeks ago for review. This book is like a piece of artwork with it’s eccentric design and interesting layout. The book is arranged by themes and was created at different times in history and by people from about the world. The book does an excellent job at reflecting “diverse cultural and artistic heritage” and includes over 150 pieces of artwork.  As you turn each page, a piece of artwork will be on the one side of the page with the description and title of the art on the other page. The layout is simple which helps highlight the artwork that can lead to many stimulating conversations with your children.

How to Stimulate Language with I (Heart) Art

As you looking through this book with your child, pause on a page that interests your child. Ask questions and encourage your child to comment. When I read through this book, I stopped at specific pages of interest and asked my children, “What do you think of this painting?” “What do you think the boy is doing?”. Use think aloud strategies and encourage your child to share ideas and opinions. Discuss what year the artwork was created and how you can tell based on specific clues (e.g. clothing, hair styles, background, etc.) Compare and contrast to how the lives of the people portrayed in the picture are different then your children. For example, we discussed why all of the girls are wearing dresses and have have their hair done a certain way in the painting, The Children of Nathan Starr. If your child wants to learn more about each painting, look it up online and read more!

What artists are included in this book? 

There are many talented and famous artists included in this book including Jennifer Bartlett, Romare Bearden, Rosa Bonheur, Canaletto, Mary Cassatt, Marc Chagall, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, Hokusai, Winslow Homer, Edmonia Lewis, Claude Monet, Georgia O’Keeffe, Alfred Stieglitz, and Andy Warhol.

Perfect for repeated readings! Learn more here.

Lesson Plans for Teachers

Are you visiting the Met museum soon? Check out this website here for teachers! A perfect companion with I (HEART) Art. 

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