I Don’t Want To Go To School!

I don't want to go to schoolDoes your child give you a hard time going to school?

I picked up this book, I Don’t Want to Go to School! (appropriate for ages 3-5) yesterday at the library after a very difficult morning trying to get my own son to preschool. Lots of kids are resistant starting school especially after time off at home over the summer and/or separation anxiety from a parent or caregiver. This book made my little ones laugh with its repetitive line of “No Way!” and realistic take on how a child may feel about starting school. Scared? Not Scared? This funny likeable character takes you through the routines of the  school day and how much fun he really has at school. Who would have thought?

This book is great to read during mealtime because it could remind your own child of what they did in school and how others may be scared of school. I know each time I ask my own kids what they did in school, they say “nothing”. While reading this book, ask them specific questions such as  “What did you play in recess?”, “What did you eat for lunch?”, “Who did you eat with?” I realize the more specific the questions, the better! You can even work on sequencing by asking them to tell you what they did first, next, etc. In order to make the transition easier in the morning, I try to make the morning as predictable as possible and talk about what the schedule is that day.

Carryover Activity: Take some pics with your phone and make a story about it with this app, Kid in Story.

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