How are you Peeling?

How are you Peeling?”  (ages 4 and up) is a fun and educational book to read during mealtime. The photography is fascinating and the colors are vibrant.    The book focuses on emotions and asks many questions to the reader which helps facilitate conversation.  It discusses many emotions that are not very basic such as “worried”, “wired”, “grumpy”, “shy” and “secure”. This provides an excellent opportunity to explain these emotions and expand both your child’s receptive language  (what they understand) and expressive language (what they can express) . Additional language concepts include colors, describing, shapes, answering “wh” questions, size concepts and specifically commenting (e.g. “Wow, that’s funny!). It also focuses on problem solving to figure out what fruit and vegetable each character is.  My children loved this book and they requested that I read it about five times after that! They loved it when I asked them “How are you feeling?”. They were able to point to the specific  emotion that they were feeling. It also opened a nice extended conversation when the book asked the reader,”Who do you love?” and “How do they know?”. Enjoy and have fun with this beautiful book.




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