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Help teach your child about the magic of being unique with this book, Hoot and Peep by Lita Judge. Hoot and Peep is a beautiful illustrated book about an older brother owl named Hoot who wants to impart his owly wisdom to his younger sister Peep. Owl likes to say “Hooo” on the rooftop but Peep has other ideas about what she likes to sing. She prefers to sing about the mystery of things and expresses it through “Schwep”, and “Schweepty peep!” Peep wants to sing with feeling about the magic of the moonbeams and Hoot feels this is inappropriate and unwise as an owl. What does Peep do? She flies off and leaves Hoot alone. When Hoot is alone, he realizes that he doesn’t even want to sing “Hooo” anymore because he is sad without Peep. Once Peep returns, they sing different songs, but in happy harmony.

I love this book for its powerful message of celebrating a person’s individuality and giving a glimpse into sibling relationships. Although older siblings have more experience and may be more wise in their years, this does not mean they are always right. Hoot learns an important lesson in accepting Peep for her individuality and becomes wiser as a result.

Carryover Discussion: Talk about the relationship between the owls.  Ask each child what makes Peep and Hoot unique and different from each other. Discuss how Hoot felt when Peep and left and how his mood changed by the end of the book.

Learn Vocabulary: Although this book does not contain a lot of text, the words that the author uses are complex and can help aid your child in improving their vocabulary. Words such as wisdom, ancient, and moonbeam should be defined before completing the crossword puzzle below. Use the words within a context to improve comprehension and use visuals if necessary. For example, when explaining what a moonbeam is, google the image and show your child. Once your child sees the photo, they will remember the word better.

Do you want to improve your child’s vocabulary? Check out my Hoot and Peep Crossword Puzzle

Answer key! Down: problem, ancient, whisper, peep, owl

                       Across: wisdom, magic, moonbeam, impart, problem

Learn how Hoot and Peep was created here in this video by Lita Judge. So interesting!

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