Hoot and Peep A Song for Snow

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A Song for Snow written by Lita Judge is another beautiful book in her series of Hoot and Peep books. To check out my other review of Hoot and Peep, click here. A Song for Snow is perfect for the holiday season and can captivate a young reader about the snow and joy of the upcoming winter and holiday season. The two lovable characters, Hoot and Peep take the reader through a conversation on a song for snow. What does snow sound like? Peep asks his big brother questions as the book continues and at the end of the story, winter comes and Peep finally learns what snow looks, sounds and feels like. This book is also a story of patience and mindfulness in listening to all of the sounds around us. With our busy schedules, we often don’t stop and listen to the sounds of nature. What does a squirrel sound like? How about the wind? Use the attached worksheet to go over the sounds of the leaves, owl, squirrel, wind and snow. I left the snow blank so your child can create their own sound or song for snow.
Here are some helpful tips for facilitating language when reading this book! As you a reading, define some of the vocabulary. Words such as crisp, flake, feathery, float and wise. Discuss the sentence, “The air is crisp.” What does that mean to your child? This can be an excellent way to focus on descriptive concepts and expanding vocabulary. The attached worksheet can also be used visual prompts. As you are reading, you can point to the different pictures. A wonderful carryover activity, is going outside and discussing the sounds as they occur. Get some leaves and crinkle them. Listen for the squirrels and hear the wind! A wonderful activity to improve language and be more mindful of our wonderful nature around us!

Review the sounds here with the worksheet I created and add your own song for Snow! A Song for Snow Sound Activity


A Song for Snow (Hoot and Peep)

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