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zach ohoraI am thrilled to present award winning illustrator and author Zachariah OHora. I recently reviewed his book, No Fits for Nilson which was a major hit in my house. We recently saw his book again at the library and my daughter was super excited to see his book on display. I love Zach’s responses below and I’m sure you will too! Thanks Zach for taking the time to respond and for your lovely chart which I think many parents can relate to.

Check out Zach’s website here where you can check out the three other books that he has written and illustrated.


1. What inspired you to write “No Fits for Nilson”?

My (at the time) 2 year old son Oskar. (See chart below)

2. What is the story behind developing the character of Nilson?
The gorilla was just a character that I started drawing and I thought it would be fun for him to have a little girl pal.
Originally they were called Nilsson and Arugula and Nilsson was pink instead of blue.
At the same time my wife and I were struggling with dealing with our first son and the “terrible twos” although I would say that year three was more difficult in terms of meltdowns and fits than the second one.
3. At the end of the story, Amelia is sleeping with Nilson and saying “Sweet banana dreams”. My daughter asked at the end, “Is Nilson real?” because Nilson appeared much smaller when in bed with Amelia. My daughter thought Amelia was dreaming the whole time.
I like to leave it open to the reader to decide, but I will say this that Amelia is definitely NOT dreaming. I’m a big Calvin and Hobbes fan put it that way.
4. I loved how you referred errands as an “adventure”. Any tips for parents whose children have big tantrums like Nilson?
Bribes. I’m sure there are books that advise against it but bribes are what makes the world go round. (See chart below)
 zach chart

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