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mark pett interview

I am excited to present an interview with Mark Pett, the author of one of my favorite books The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes. To check out my review of this book with a suggested lesson plan for teachers, click here. I love this book because it shows children that we can learn from making mistakes and that no one is perfect! I especially love his statement, “The greatest performers fall down the most”. I find this quote to say it all! Thank you Mark!

To learn more about Mark Pett and his other books, click here.

1. What inspired you to write The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes?

I was a perfectionist as a child and felt a lot of pressure to be perfect, even though, of course, I wasn’t. I wrote this book with my friend Gary Rubinstein and we imagined what life might be like for a girl who WAS perfect, who had never ever made a mistake. In many ways, her life would be wonderful. She’d be famous and successful. But it would ultimately be crippling.

2. What would you like children to learn from the book?

Mostly, I want this to be a fun book for children. I’d also like them to take away that we learn through mistakes, we succeed through failures. The greatest performers fall down the most. Making mistakes isn’t just okay. It’s wonderful!

3. Do you have any advice for parents who have children who don’t want to try new things for fear of making mistakes?

I encourage parents to try new things themselves. Show your children, through example, how you can make mistakes and fail. Our children do not learn to be perfectionists by themselves!

4. Can you tell me about your new book, Lizard From the Park?

LIZARD FROM THE PARK is about a lonely city boy named Leonard who finds a lizard egg in the park. His pet lizard becomes his friend and he shows his new friend all of his favorite places in the city. In time, he discovers that his city world may not be the best for his friend, and Leonard must make some very tough decisions!

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