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Do you want your child to be more creative? Do you or your child think “out of the box”? Going Places is about two friends who build something wonderful together. Who says you have to build everything like the directions tell you to?  In the beginning of the story, Rafael builds his go-cart just like he is supposed to until he sees his friend Maya gazing at a bird in a tree brainstorming ideas for her go-cart. They work on a project of a lifetime and turn their go-cart into a plane! They get ridiculed from friends for not following the directions and having a go-cart that looks different. Who is laughing at the end? Rafael and Maya! They are laughing because they are the winners of the race!

I love this book because it encourages a child to think out of the box and follow their own path in life. As an adult, I feel that this book sends the message that we all need to take our own journeys in life and not always follow the same path everyone else is following. We all need to take our separate adventures to get to our final destination. We can all interpret the messages of this book in different ways, which adds to the beauty of this story.

Going Places is written by twin brothers Peter and Paul Reynolds. To learn more about Peter Reynolds, check out my interview with him here. To learn about Fablevision (owned by Peter and Paul Reynolds), a company dedicated to helping children reach their potential, click here.

Other books by Peter Reynolds  include IshRose’s GardenI’m Here and The Dot.

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  1. Thanks for this great review! We’re excited about getting the word out about this book. It is our invitation to the reader to go “above and beyond.” Beyond the script, the instructions, the required reading… and to a place that requires your thinking, creativity and collaboration with others. Thanks again for the thumbs up on our book.

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