Go sleep in your own bed!

Do you have a young child that sleeps in your bed?

Check out this book, Go Sleep in Your Own Bed! written by Candace Fleming and illustrated by Lori Nichols.  This book is entertaining and a fun read from young children ages 3 up to ages 6 because it incorporates engaging illustrations, fun rhyming text and a silly story. It’s bedtime at the farm and all of the animals are mixed up! When the pig tries to sleep in his sty, he finds the cow there. Where does the cow go? In his bed is the sheep and so on, until the story ends with the little girl snuggling with her pet cat in bed. The book also incorporates some more complex vocabulary which makes it a learning opportunity for older children.

Words such as as sty, hayseeds, tromp, stall, bellow, nestle, shamble, and kennel can be unfamiliar to a young child out of context. Explain and define these words as you read them and ask your child what each word means based on the text and illustrations on the page. Do you want to learn more about learning vocabulary during reading time? Check out this article that I wrote here about vocabulary expansion. At the end of the book, practice recalling the events by asking your child to recall, “First___, then ____ and next”. If you want to sequence more extensively with visual cues, take some photos of each page and use a sequencing app (such as Making Sequences) on your iPad or tablet. Ask your child to “put them in order”. To improve auditory comprehension and expressive language, repeat the story and then ask “wh” questions about the story. For example, “Where did the horse try to sleep?” , etc.

Are you looking for a carryover activity?

Check out this activity page matching the farm animal with its appropriate home. Animal-home Worksheet

Go Sleep In Your Own Bed!

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