Go, Little Green Truck!

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Go, Little Green Truck! by Roni Schotter and illustrated by Julia Kuo is sweet story of Little Green Truck, a pickup that lived on a farm. Little Green Truck was a proud pickup and loved feeling clean and strong for his boss, Farmer Gray. He helped with all of the chores including carrying bundles, bales and bins. He picked up packages and groceries for the farmer and even transported pigs to their new sty. Early one morning, Little Green Truck heard the “sassy sound of a motor”. It was the new blue truck called Big Blue. Farmer Gray loved the new truck because it was bigger and can help with more chores better than Little Green Truck. Little Green Truck was quickly forgotten and left to rust in the meadow. He was sad, dirty and alone. Until one day, Farmer Gray’s cat jumped into his cargo bed and curled up to sun herself. This led the rest of the family to Little Green Truck. The farmer’s daughter, said “Blue Blue is too big and bumpy for city streets. Little Green is small and gentle and just right. Let’s fix him up and take him”. The family fixed him and took him to the farmer’s market where he was the hit of the farmer’s market. Farmer Gray continued to use Big Blue Truck for the heavier jobs and now used Little Green for the smaller and more gentler jobs. At the end of the story, Little Green felt special and happy.

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I loved this book because many children can identify with deserting an old toy for a new toy. One day in a car wash with my son, he asked “Why do we always have to clean the car?” I reminded him of Little Green and how we needed to take care of things we own and he totally understood.You can even relate this story to when a child makes a new friend and then deserts the old one. How would that feel?

Multi-Ethnic Group Of People's Arms Raised Holding Letters ThatLanguage tips include expanding vocabulary, sequencing, answering “wh” questions, emotions and descriptive concepts. Help your child define specific vocabulary such as sturdy, fenders, bundles, bales, bins, silo, sty, sassy, brag, rusty, cargo bed, munch, and many more! Discuss the emotions of Little Green Truck’s including happy, sad, lonely and proud. Why did Little Green feel proud at the end of the story?
To encourage more language, check out this Activity Kit for Go, Little Green Truck that Roni has available on her website.

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