Garden Safari Vegetable Soup

garden safari 2Garden Safari Vegetable Soup by Kitchen Club Kids is a wonderful book to teach your child healthy eating, help build vocabulary, and work on sequencing through cooking. The Kitchen Club Kids created books to help children get involved in the kitchen and created simple stories that incorporated rhyming words, an engaging story, bright clear illustrations and a recipe in the end.
Garden Safari Vegetable Soup is ideal for ages 2-5 but can be used for an older child to help build literacy skills and get involved in the kitchen. If you have two children with varying ages, have your older child read the book to your younger child. Another idea is to have your older child read the recipe to you, and the younger child can help with measuring and add ingredients to the pot.


There is a ton of language in this book that can be targeted including:

1. Colors: Discuss the colors of the different vegetables and review how to spell the different colors.
2. Building Vocabulary: Teach your child new vocabulary! For example, the word “hype”, “seek”, “adventure” “arches”, etc. Discuss the new word with your child by defining it and then providing it with a synonym. Test their knowledge by having them explain to you what the words mean.
3. Rhyming: The story has many rhyming words which help build phonemic awareness.
4. Categories: Learning categories is important for the Common Core Curriculum. To learn how to use the Common Core Curriculum when reading picture books, check out my article here. You can categorize by colors, food groups, or something simple like differentiating between “foods” and “cooking tools.”
5. Actions: This book is full of different actions related to cooking such as “cube”, “pour”, “chop”, “grab”, etc.
6. Sequencing: Cooking is a natural and ideal time to sequence steps within an activity. Garden Safari takes the reader through each step and even has a picture sequencing chart at the end that a child can use to help you cook the recipe if they are not readers yet.
7. Counting: Have your child count the steps with you. They can also help you count how many potatoes, celery stalks, etc.
The recipe also looks delicious! I’m going to try it out this weekend.

To learn more about Kitchen Club Kids, purchase this book or check out their other books, visit their website here.

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