From Wolf to Woof!

wolf to woofFrom Wolf to Woof! by Hudson Talbott is a fascinating children’s tale about how a wolf’s relationship with a human evolved into the dogs of today.

“Long, long ago…before humans and dogs were friends…in fact, long before there dogs, there were…..wolves!”

The story begins with the history of how wolves roamed the earth freely and in packs. In one such pack, there was a lonely wolf pup that had lost his parents and had no where to go. He tried to join a pack but the pack leader kept chasing him away. He decided to prove his worth to the pack by keeping a sharp lookout for enemies at night when the others were sleeping. During the night, he met a human boy who was also an orphan. The boy threw him a bone to entice the wolf and he dashed off with it into the night. Night after night, the boy and wolf  built a relationship around this game until one day they set off together as a team. Together, the wolf and pup created their own pack with other humans and wolves that had been orphaned by their groups. The team of wolves and humans worked together seamlessly. The wolves would surround the prey and the humans would speak from a distance. Over thousands of years, the wolves sizes and shapes changed in a variety of ways to suit their lives with humans. With all of these changes, they became dogs!

From Wolf to Woof! is an engaging and captivating story for a variety of ages, specifically those in preschool up to 2nd grade. The book contains factual information about wolves and dogs which are embedded in a magical story of two lonely characters that became best friends. As you are reading the story, define specific terms and explain the different emotions of both the wolf and pup. Talk about the differences between the modern day wolf and the domestic dog today. Did the domestic dog evolve from the wolves of today? To find out more information about how domestic dogs evolved, click here.

wolf conservation centerAfter reading this book several times to my children, we decided to visit the local Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, NY. I had planned to visit the center before, but never did until I read this book with my children. Reading From Wolf to Woof! became an excellent ideal book to read before meeting the wolves themselves. When visiting the center, we met a knowledgeable employee who told us about the evolution of wolves and how they were nearly extinct for many years. They are still in danger with small numbers around the world, which I found to be extremely sad. The conservation center is helping to build the population of wolves so that they are no longer in danger of being extinct. On the tour, we met three different wolves and learned about how they live, eat and interact with each other. It was a very interesting and informative experience that any child or adult would enjoy. To learn more about the conservation center and donate, click here. To learn information on adopting a wolf, click here.

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