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I am really excited to kick start this wonderful Penguin Blog Tour for the book, Friends Stick Together. I love books that celebrate friendship and embed a valuable lesson and relationships. Friends Stick Together by Hannah E. Harrison is a unique story about an interesting character named Rupert. Rubert loves reading dictionaries, listening to classical overtures, and eating cucumber sandwiches without crusts. Then there is Levi! Levi is another unique character, but nothing like Rupert. He likes corny jokes, armpit farts and popping wheelies. How will these two opposites get along?

At first, Rupert is annoyed with the new tick bird, Levi. He finds him annoying and just wants to be alone. He tries time after time to get Levi to go away until one day he does! After Levi leaves, Rupert realizes that he misses him and yearns for his friendship.

I loved this book because it’s an important lesson about “not knowing what you had until it’s gone”. Rupert, who struggles to makes friends learns that having a companion can be fun and being alone all of the time can isolating and lonely. He also learns that having a friend that is different can not only be okay but refreshing and fun. In friendships, we not only learn about others but also learn things about ourselves. This is also a wonderful book for children that struggle socially and in gaining friendship with others. Making friends can be hard for some children and reading this book can help initiate a thoughtful conversation about friendships.

Throughout the book, this book can help children learn new vocabulary words such as symbiosis, loathsome, highfalutin, uncouthness, and boisterousness.

Do you want to help facilitate discussion with this book? Check out my free printable with some discussion questions listed.

Friends Stick Together Discussion Questions

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To learn more about the author and illustrator, Hannah E. Harrison visit her website here. Hannah E. Harrison is an award-winning painter, specializing in animal subjects, and this is her fourth picture book. She majored in art and minored in creative writing at Colby College in the pursuit of becoming a children’s book author/illustrator. Hannah lives in Oklahoma with her husband and daughters.

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