FannyDo you ever say “no” to your child when they ask for that popular and fancy doll at the toy store? I found Fanny by Holly Hobbie a couple of months ago at the library. I immediately loved this book because it teaches an important lesson.

Fanny desperately wants a “Connie” doll like her other friends have. Her mother  simply says “No” to the doll and suggests that Fanny make her own special doll. Fanny decides to create her own doll and names her “Annabelle”. At first, she loves Annabelle but  Fanny’s friends don’t want to play with her because she looks different. Fanny puts Annabelle away but feels bad knowing that her doll is tucked away in a drawer feeling lonely. In the end, she decides that she loves Annabelle because she is unique and was made all on her own. Annabelle eventually becomes accepted with Fanny’s friends at the end which makes the story even more sweet. I really enjoyed this book because it helps explain to a child that a toy created on your own is very special and that being different is unique and should be celebrated.

Carryover Activity: Get crafty and make your own doll. If you are not too crafty like me, buy a kit at your local crafts store.

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