Executive Functioning, ADHD and the Student Planner

About Purple Trail

I was recently contacted by Purple Trail, a small company that offers various services such as personalized cards, calendars, different types of planners and a variety of stationary. When searching their site, a product caught my eye in its functionality, which is appropriate for this time of year. A Student Planner!

Although my job as a speech language pathologist focuses specifically in the area of assistive technology, I still strongly believe in the pen and paper. Although I keep my calendar on my phone for work, all of my other personal appointments are in a monthly calendar book that I keep next to my desk. Why? When writing down appointments and notes, I find that I remember them more accurately.  How can this translate to today and children with ADHD or other executive functioning issues?

Executive Function, What is it?

Let’s back up and discuss, “What is executive functioning?” According to understood.org, “Executive functioning issues are weaknesses in a set of important mental skills that are key to learning. Kids with executive functioning issues often struggle with working memory, flexible thinking and self-control.” Many students with executive functioning issues have trouble organizing their materials, packing up their bag and can be forgetful. Many parents or teachers can interpret this as a child being “lazy” or “forgetful”, which makes the situation even more challenging for the child and can lead to anxiety and reduced self esteem. What other disorders co-occur with executive functioning difficulties? To learn more about this, click here. To learn more about ADHD and executive functioning, click here. Do you have a daughter with ADHD? Check out this post here.

There are many ways that we can help our children struggling with executive functioning tasks. Watch this video to learn more about “What is Executive Function?

The Student Planner

Now that you know more about Executive Function, let’s get to some strategies that can organize our children and keep them on track! Within our busy worlds, it’s hard to keep track of all of the tasks we need to do! Some people find creating lists to be helpful and others find setting alarms in their phone to be effective. How about our children? What works for them? 

In my local school, the homework is posted in the Google Classroom, which is easily accessible for all students in both school and home. For most students, this can be perfectly fine to stay organized and keep on top of homework tasks. However, for the student with executive functioning difficulties, having an extra tool to help organize the week and tasks can be helpful. This is where the student planner comes in! 

When communicating with Purple Trail, I loved how the consumer gets to personalize and create their own planner! This makes it even more fun for the child. I find when something is personalized, it’s used more readily. To check out the variety of planners available, click here. When customizing the planner, the child gets the option of choosing a design they like, adding their name and choosing personalized pictures for the cover and back page. The book includes a cover page for each month with “things to remember” including birthdays and special events. There are also pages of fun stickers that can used as pictured above. To see all of the designs available for personalizing student planners, click here.

Using Your Student Planner to Help Your Child

Here are some quick tips!

  1. Sit down with your child at the beginning of the week and write down any assignments due. Although there may be some homework you may not know about in the beginning of the week, there are other tasks that can written down (read book, practice math, etc.)
  2. Have fun with the stickers and place them in the appropriate spot!
  3. Leave the student planner out somewhere that is accessible to both you and your child. This can be in the kitchen, on your child’s desk, etc. 
  4. Have your child write in the tasks, not you! I always remember things once written down so if we can write the tasks down, this can be less efficient for our children. 

To begin the process of personalizing a student planner, click here.

This is a sponsored post. Although this is a sponsored post, all of my opinions and tips are genuine and I have found to be personally helpful in my own household. I only endorse products that I  find helpful and be helpful to my readers. 





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